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Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Critical Race Theory is racism repackaged. It is a deep-seated racist perspective established on the belief that racism is in the genomes of American establishments and civilization as a whole, particularly in the culture and traditions of the Anglo-Saxons and their decedents.  It perceives that minorities, especially those of African descent are the targets of systematic racism, which pervades an enormous system of impermeable organizations and ethnic pigeonholes. Additionally, it is believed that the systemic racism was created by the Anglo-Saxon decedents to perpetuate the ideology that helps ensure continued unmerited privileges and compensations for themselves.

— Black Eye for America by Carol M. Swain, Christopher J Schorr

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

SEL is a set of psychological tools that educators and administrators are using without being properly degrees, trained, or certified. The scariest part of using the SEL techniques is that those using the instrument know just enough to be dangerous and inflict psychological damage. In addition, it is a data-mining program used to permanently label students for the duration of their academic careers.


Fiscal Accountability and Transparentcy

Suffolk Citizens believe it is long past time that SPS leadership and school board enact transparency and embrace accountability. The SPS budget should undergo a Full Forensic Audit to prove to the stakeholders that everything is above board across all fiscal areas.


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