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CRT: Racism Repackaged

“Critical race theory is attempting to revive racial prejudice, perverting justice and using discrimination as a social weapon. Carol Swain and Christopher Schorr’s book is exactly what Americans need to understand the threat critical race theory poses to all of us—and to help individuals, families, and communities chart a course to the American Dream.”


—Jonathan Butcher, Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity, and The Heritage Foundation


 “To fight evil ideas, a society needs people with intelligence and courage. Without the latter, civilization as we know it will simply disintegrate. That is why Black Eye for America is so important: the authors combine equal amounts of intelligence and courage. If you want to understand Critical Race Theory and, most importantly, why it is the antithesis of every beautiful idea in the American and Western worlds, read this book.”


—Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated talk show host, founder of the internet-based Prager University, and a New York Times bestselling author.”

Click the image above to see another thought provoking statement about the dangers of CRT.


Click the Link above for New Discourse to find out about issues surrounding CRT

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