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Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Click the link above for New Discourse to find out about issues surrounding CRT

Any theory that purports to place one race over another is something that should garnish no support.  This "theory" has no place in our classrooms, where the focus must be on the academic achievement of all the students we serve.  Prior to my tenure on the board, the decision was made to have CRT in our schools.  Even so, I will not vote for financial approval of things related to CRT, such as professional development, books, supplies, materials, etc.  To my knowledge, the board has never has a real discussion about CRT, but certainly needs to do so.

CRT is a deep-seated racist perspective established in the belief that racism is the genomes of American establishments and civilization as a whole, particularly in the culture and traditions of Anglo-Saxons and their descendants.  It perceives that minorities, especially those of African descent are the targets of systematic racism, which pervades an enormous system of impermeable organizations and ethnic pigeonholes.  Additionally, it is believed that the systemic racism was created by the Anglo-Saxon decedents to perpetuate the ideology that helps ensure continued unmerited privileges and compensation for themselves.

--- Black Eye for America by Carol M. Swain & Christopher J. Schorr

I have done my due diligence in this area, and I hope you will, too. One book I'd like to recommend is, Black Eye for America, that provides an in-depth examination about what CRT is.

Click the image above to see another thought provoking statement about the dangers of CRT.

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