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Evidence of problematic issues with SEL

According to Jane Robbins, who is an MD, attorney, and Independent Researcher, “SEL represents the continued minimization of true academic work with very little research base to back it up”.  Substantial and troubling problems and consequences of SEL include loss of freedom over their own:

  • Student privacy

  • Automony

  • Individuality

  • Freedom

Implementation of SEL is often accomplished by putting in place programs which encompassed the use of psychological evaluations NOT administered by the appropriate professionals.  Specifically, the instruments used should be administered by individuals who have many years of training, certifications, or specific degrees. The implementation of SEL is handed over to overburdened teachers and administrators who are given very minimal training.  Additionally, the assessment of students using SEL approaches was admitted to be hit or miss at best by the proponents.   The following link is a video of Dr. Robbins and two other researchers discussing the dangers of SEL. Below the video link are additional  links to research and articles discussing the  problematic issues associated with SEL.

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